Say goodbye to guesswork in fashion retail

The AI-driven platform for fashion retail teams looking to get more value out of buying, pricing, and inventory management.


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The Fashion Retail Revolution

Your team deserves a different way of working

Fashion retail is fundamentally changing. Teams in charge of buying, planning, and merchandising face an increasingly challenging environment.

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Margins & revenue are under pressure

A more competitive environment, increasingly price-sensitive consumers, and new ways of consuming fashion are putting pressure on results.

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People are wasting time on low-value adding task

Team members need to make more decisions, more swiftly, while losing precious time on collecting data, running calculations or managing bulky spreadsheets.

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The organization needs to reduce its environmental impact

Conscious of their role in the fight against climate change, fashion retailers are effortlessly looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations.

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Meet Crunch

A Platform built for
Fashion Retail Teams

The Crunch Fashion Retail Platform is the perfect solution for fashion retail teams looking to streamline their buying, pricing, and inventory management processes.

Do away with heavy spreadsheets and endless presentations. Make it easier for fashion retail teams and management to communicate effectively, take quick decisions, and achieve better results.


Let data & AI take over low-value tasks and assist decision-makers with high-value tasks, enabling teams to focus on what they do best and take pride in their work.


Use AI-driven recommendations to limit overproduction, scale down stock transfers between stores or reduce leftover stock with more appropriate end-of-season discounts.

Meet The Assistant S
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The Crunch Fashion Retail Platform

The Crunch Fashion Retail Platform brings together a set of AI-driven and easy-to-use assistants that empower teams to make informed and confident decisions, resulting in better financial results, increased efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

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What our users say

“What I like most about the Crunch Markdown Assistant is how easy it has become to talk with my team, using the clear summaries the tool provides. With that knowledge, I can confidently step to our board to make well-informed strategic choices.”
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Rose Smits

Omnichannel & Trade Director, Scotch & Soda

"We were able to achieve a +30% revenue & +8% margin increase, applying the price markdowns suggested by the solution.”
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Luc De Baets

Buying Director, Shoenen Torfs

How to get started

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What progress is your team looking to make?

In a discovery call we’ll take about 30 minutes of your time to learn about the objectives, challenges, and pains you encounter. Let’s find out how our platform can meet your requirements.

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Product demo

Let’s take a look at how our platform creates value. During a short demo of a chosen solution we’ll demonstrate how it works.

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Let's draft a proposal

Ready to build the business case! In a clear proposal, we’ll specify fees & costs and provide the necessary information to convince stakeholders.

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The change is real!

Let’s first crawl, then walk and run. Whether you’re looking to kick off with a limited set of people, product groups or other. We accommodate, teach, finetune and gradually introduce at your chosen tempo.

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The Future of Managing
Prices in Fashion Retail

Setting prices in fashion retail has long been a trade in which a straightforward set of rules combined with gutfeel were sufficient to get the job done. The rise of e-commerce, fast fashion, and the growing importance of second-hand garments is pushing fashion retail to revise its strategies. Here is how it can be done differently.

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