For the Love of
Fashion Retail


Crunch is a fashion retail technology company that aims to address fashion retailers' most critical challenges using the latest advancements in Data Science, Statistics, Machine Learning & AI.

We understand that the fashion retail industry is going through radical & unprecedented changes, from e-commerce to increased awareness towards sustainability.
Competition has become fiercer than ever.

It’s a complex mix of challenges that puts revenue and margins under pressure, demands action in the fight against climate change, and requires teams to focus on value-adding tasks.

We are convinced that a significant difference can be made through better buying, pricing & inventory management.

However, making the right choices in those domains often feels like a shot in the dark.

At Crunch, we love to shed light into this darkness. By processing tremendous amounts of data, we map, understand, and calculate how customers might respond to strategic decisions in buying, pricing, and inventory management.

This gives fashion retail teams the right handles to make well-considered choices, leading to better results.

Flirting with certainty, one might say.

To make this happen, our team of experts developed an easy-to-use and clever fashion retail platform that takes care of the dirty work.

It is their sincere belief that people in fashion retail should have the proper tools available to make the best possible decisions at any given time, in any given situation.

For the love of fashion retail.

Long, annoying, and difficult buying analyses, price calculations, or inefficient stock inventory management belong to the past.

And heavy, recurrent processes turn into easy ways of working that allow employees to take pride in their job, attain peace of mind and focus on high-value tasks.

Moreover, they allow fashion retail teams to take crucial steps in reducing the organization’s ecological footprint, especially concerning one’s own operations.

The future of the fashion retail industry may seem uncertain and out of your hands, but optimized financial results, job satisfaction, and a reduced environmental impact aren’t.

These are choices.

Easy ones, if you ask us.

"It is our sincere belief that people in fashion retail should have the proper tools available to make the best possible decisions at any given time, in any given situation. For the love of fashion retail."

Our Team

Laurent Mainil

Co-Founder and CEO

Louis-Philippe Kerkhove

Co-Founder and CTO

Sebastiaan Dalmeijer

Country Manager NL | Senior Product Owner

Nils Roelandt - Crunch
Nils Roelandt

Head of Marketing & Communications

Dennis Peters

Head of Sales

Jacob Denolf Crunch
Jacob Denolf

Talent Lead / Senior Data Scientist

Delphine Pauwelyn
Delphine Pauwelyn

HR Manager

Liv Bradt Crunch
Liv Bradt

Office Manager

Nicolas Debbaut

Senior Account Executive

Brecht De Vlieger

Senior Cloud Engineer

Benoit Germonpré

Senior Data Scientist

Jelle Grammens

Senior Data Scientist

Droomelot De Gendt

Senior Data Scientist

Kenny Denolf Crunch
Kenny Denolf

Senior Data Scientist

Haeike Josephy

Senior Data Scientist

Kilian Lievens
Kilian Lievens

Senior Software Engineer

Michael Verdonck

Product Manager

Genia Rappé

Algorithm Engineer

Nico Ekkart

Cloud Engineer

Willem Loobuyck Crunch
Willem Loobuyck

Cloud Engineer

IMG_0444 (2)
Ward Van Bever

Full Stack Developer

Marthe Van Den Hende

Data Scientist

Sam Verdoodt Crunch
Sam Verdoodt

Data Scientist

Jarne De Decker Crunch
Jarne De Decker

Data Scientist

Michael Niemantsverdriet

Data Scientist

Laurens De Baets

Data Scientist

Mrs. Mollie 

Cheer Lead |  Ironic Frowns & Soft Sniffles Dept.