The Three Questions Most Frequently Asked by Engineers Looking to Join


During the recruitment process here at Crunch, we've discovered a number of questions tend to return regularly. In this article, we bundled the five most frequently asked questions and their answers!

What profiles are you looking to add to your teams?

In the coming weeks, visiting one jobfair after the other, we hope to welcome aspiring cloud engineers & data scientists looking to work in a future-oriented software company with inviting & diverse challenges. Young women & men, looking for an internship, a first job, or the next step in their career.

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When selecting a new team member, what are the different steps to clear?

As a candidate, you apply via the open position of your choice that can be found on our website. After having filled in some basic information and attaching your resume, we shall contact you for a phone interview.

If you rock that phone interview, we’ll invite you for an interview at our offices. You will be invited to solve a ‘challenge’ before the interview and present the outcome during such an interview.

If you continue to rock our world, we’ll shortlist you to become the next member in our rapidly expanding team!


Can you shed some light on how you work and what tools you work with?

At Crunch, we work in small, cross-functional teams that combine the skills of Data Scientists & Cloud/Software Engineers. This allows us to work genuinely lean and with a lot of focus.

When we work with clients, we work with the technology stack that is appropriate given a clients’ current infrastructure. That is why we most frequently work with the Microsoft & Google stack. We work with tools such as Databricks, Flow & Power Apps in a Dynamics & Azure cloud environment. Or, in other situations, we might want to shift to the Google stack or open-source toolings such as Docker or Kubernetes.