How SCOTCH & SODA executes the right markdown strategy, with ease


Scotch & Soda is a Dutch fashion retailer widely known for its unique designs, eager to spread the 'spirit of Amsterdam.' The team was looking for the appropriate tool to complement its improved omnichannel experience with an effective price markdown strategy. A tool that would enable the team to set the right markdown for each item - across channels - with ease.

A well-executed markdown strategy is a key tactic in the omnichannel game plan

Scotch & Soda relies on an updated omnichannel commercial strategy to spread ‘the free spirit of Amsterdam’ all over the world. The Dutch fashion brand considers its markdown strategy a key tactic in the game plan.

Rose Smits is the Omnichannel & Trade Director at Scotch & Soda. She has been working at the company for over five years now. “These last couple of years, we vigorously implemented our updated omnichannel commercial strategy,” Rose explains.

“With that new strategy, we aim to guarantee our clients the same high-standard experience wherever they get in touch with us. Whether it’s in one of our physical stores or via one of our digital channels.”

“Creating a seamless flow across all customer touchpoints is harder than one might think. Within my department, I have to make sure different divisions, such as operations and CRM, are aligned with each other. Changes in one of those areas come with implications for all the others. Omnichannel retailing is a complex way of working, but a rewarding one if you get things right.”

Having access to the most advanced tools is crucial if you want to get things right. That’s why we looked for a tool to assist us in our markdown strategy, which is a crucial building block for our teams.

Improving sales margin is obviously a main target in our global expansion ambitions, and smartly managing your inventory level is key if you want to do that. That’s where the Crunch’s Markdown Assistant comes in.”

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The Crunch Markdown Assistant: how it enables team and management to confidently make swift pricing decisions in difficult times

Marijke Winteraeken is Planning & Buying Manager at Scotch & Soda. She has to make sure Scotch & Soda follows the best omnichannel discount strategy. “My job consists of finding the perfect balance between sales margin optimization and stock reduction,” she says. “By gathering all kinds of data, I support our stores in reaching their goals.”

“I used to keep track of our data and targets in an Excel file, but that was challenging, to say the least. Working manually in Excel is very error-prone and operationally demanding.

The Crunch Markdown Assistant now basically does the job for me. I just have to set the business rules I need to follow, and the tool calculates the best discount strategy for me.”

Its flexibility is not the only reason why Marijke loves working with the Markdown Assistant. Marijke: “The tool is just so easy to use. The interface is very clear and simple to work with. I use quite a few tools, and the Crunch Markdown Assistant is genuinely one of the finest I’ve ever worked with. It’s exactly what I needed to simplify my job and to communicate clearly with Rose and my other colleagues.”

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While Marijke runs different scenario's in the tool, Rose only needs the conclusions to share them with the executive team.

Rose: “What I like most about the Crunch Markdown Assistant is how easy it has become to talk with my team. Based on the clear summaries the tool provides, Marijke and her colleagues can explain very well why they propose certain discount actions. With that knowledge, I can confidently step to our board to make well-informed strategic choices.”

“The tool has become indispensable for us, especially in these uncertain economic times,” Rose adds.

“Today, being able to quickly make the right decisions is more important than ever. The Markdown Assistant’s advanced algorithms and the first results we accomplished with the tool reassure us we’re on the right path to realize our business objectives.”


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